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A Personal message by the founder of I AM Meditations

A message from George Blue

Welcome to I AM Meditations

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our community. We are honored that you have visited our website. This post aims to introduce you to I AM Meditations, so you can understand better who we are and what we do. What is I Am Meditation Music and what is the purpose of creating it?

I Am Meditation Music. Meditation and relaxation music of the highest quality. Professionally designed meditation music, for energy healing, meditation, relaxation and yoga @ i-am-meditations.com

I AM Meditation Music is more than just sound. It is a bridge that connects the noise of the world with the silence of the soul. A tool that helps us to transcend the limitations of the mind and to access the depths of the heart. A guide leading to the source of all creation.

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healing frequencies

The beginning

As I produced music for commercial purposes over the years, I gained a deeper understanding of how frequencies affect humans and how they work. My spiritual life was always active. I practiced meditation, learned from spiritual teachers, and explored the deeper meanings of life, constantly searching for answers.

I strongly desired to study and learn about healing frequencies, words, instruments, numbers, binaural beats, brain synchronization, tuning methods, and so forth. I started creating meditation music, incorporating various techniques and embedding tone-generated frequencies.

I then went on recording and implementing traditional instruments, particularly those used for healing by many cultures worldwide.

After more than 20 years of experimentation and testing, the knowledge I have acquired, and the guidance I received from my I AM Presence, I decided to release this music for anyone to benefit from it and experience what I experienced.

The I AM Principle

I must first clarify that I do not claim to have composed this music. I was inspired to create it, and it flowed through me like water in the ocean. It is the creation of I AM.

I AM is the Principle of Life, God, All That Is, the One Infinite Creator of All. The One and Only Living Presence in all of us. The world would not exist without it, nor life or creation. We wouldn’t have inspiring and innovative ideas.

Wayne Dyer, in his book “Wishes Fulfilled”, wrote about the power of the “I Am Presence” and how it can help us manifest our desires.

Everything that has ever manifested into physical form was first created in the mind of a human being. It was put there as an image or an idea by the One Infinite Intelligence that created everything around us.

Within each of us, there is a living God, the Father, who does the work. Therefore, HE composed this music.

The only thing I had to do was find a way, open myself up, and let it flow through me. Then release it into the world to fulfill its purpose.

The music will reach all those who need it. Most people will hear it without even realizing how powerful it is. Others will be able to understand its most profound meaning and its healing properties.

Observe the music

Musical Meditations

Singing bowl healing session. Sound therapy music of the highest quality. I AM Meditation Music @ i-am-meditations.com

These compositions are far more complex than they seem. I encourage you to fully understand the exact technique and observation method given before listening. Nothing unique about the technique. It is just the way it works best.

It is essential to know that this music is not intended to be used as background music. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing so, but you must understand its purpose. Every song is in itself a meditation practice. Observing the music is your goal. Your I AM Presence knows the rest.

In addition, I want to make it clear that no magic miracles are being promised here. These musical meditations are simply a tool to help and provide an extra push for those who walk the path of seeking the truth.


I can personally guarantee that you will.

I AM Music

This is a gift to all knocking at the door, regardless of how long it seems that nothing is happening (trust me, I’ve been there).

The purpose of all music created for this community is to help you reach a deep state of relaxation. This will enable your Inner Power – Infinite Intelligence, to activate its healing abilities that reside within you.

How can such a thing be possible, you may ask. Simply by observing the music and bringing you into a more spiritual state, your EGO gets out of the way. The rest of the process is natural to all of us.


Realize this and let it sink deep into your consciousness.

listening to music can heal

Healing Music

A person’s EGO will tell them that it is insane to claim that listening to music can heal long-term illnesses and diseases. Modern science and countless studies worldwide have proven that some frequencies used in this peaceful music have healing abilities.

However, such claims will only reinforce your doubts. Music can heal your soul and your feelings. That is why we use this term.

When your feelings are shifted, and you feel more positive, your energy field shifts too, which can result in many changes in your life.

Throughout this article, I mention that this music is a TOOL. Use it, and its power and attributes will become apparent to you.


We are always here for you if you feel compelled to ask anything or need assistance. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As humans, we are always in search of light. I do not think that quest will ever end. That is our purpose. To realize our FATHER WITHIN, while in the physical form.

I hope and pray that this healing music will help you on your magical journey. That its energy will cleanse your mind, allowing your Divine Power to flow freely.

And you will also find the wisdom that lies within by deepening your state of relaxation. You can be inspired, have unique ideas, have positive feelings, and have more confidence in yourself.

try it and see how you feel.

I AM Meditation Music

Please do not underestimate this music. I strongly encourage you to try it and see how you feel. There is more than a minute of preview time on every meditation.

You simply need to be open, put on a pair of headphones if you wish, listen, and observe. If you don’t feel an attraction, or a magnetic pull, try a different track.

If the music doesn’t appeal to you, that’s alright. It’s perfectly fine. Open your mind, at least, to the possibility of meditation, with music that is designed for this purpose.

Give to Receive

Throughout my life, while trying to find THE TRUTH and heal myself mentally and physically, I’ve come into contact with many good teachers.

Whatever I tried, music, guided meditation, a book, or whatever, the price and the request for money were in front of me, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. The idea of charging for spiritual guidance or helping others seemed outrageous.

So why do we sell this music?

To grasp and understand certain concepts, we need time and experience in life. There is a term that you have probably heard, GIVE TO RECEIVE.

These three words are one of life’s greatest secrets. See, to receive anything of value, you have to give something. I AM not referring exclusively to money. If you only think of it as money, you are missing out.

You spend valuable time reading something. You receive the benefits of what you read. Everything in the universe is based on giving and receiving. It is how energy circulates.

To receive the full benefit of something, you must give. And if you do it from your heart, you will receive the greatest rewards. It is about valuing and appreciating.

Many financially successful people have told stories about how their lives changed when they gave all their money away, at their lowest point. As a result, they went from being broke to being rich.

Giving something should naturally place you in a receiving mindset. But you can’t fake this, as it has to be honest and from your heart. You can’t fool God.

It’s your choice to listen to meditation music for free on social media. Just ask yourself, what did you ever get out of such an approach?

From music made solely to gain views and make some cash. Just some food for thought.

Infinite Intelligence

Final Thoughts

I hope our music is just one more stepping stone on your journey to finding your inner wisdom. And I pray that you do. Cause if YOU do, then I do.

May the Light Enlighten you and Infinite Intelligence guide you. May we all be enfolded with true Love, Happiness, and Joy by OUR FATHER.

God bless us all.

GEORGE BLUE – Founder of I AM Meditations

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