The truth about Frequency Music

Be careful what music you are listening to

The truth about meditation music. The false misconception about healing music.

Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies

The Benefits Of Healing Music

The effect of Binaural Beats on the brain and the Healing Power of specific tone-generated frequencies are both well-documented and proven by modern science. The same applies to what is today known as “The Solfeggio Frequencies” and their impact on human cells.

More and more scientific research proves the incredible impact these Healing Frequencies have on human DNA and our energy field, even listening to them for 30 minutes daily. They can have a profound effect on your everyday life, your emotions, and your overall well-being.

Scientists have discovered that certain frequencies have healing effects on our brain and body. However, be aware that many individuals are trying to take advantage of the increasing interest that people show in listening to music with these frequencies.

Shockingly, over 80% of music claiming to have embedded frequencies of any type is useless trash. It may be relaxing to listen to it, and there is some minor benefit to that, but you get no benefit from perceiving the actual frequency, which impacts your energy field and your cells.

Our meditation music is recorded by a professional engineer – a music producer – with 25 years of experience in the music industry. It is the result of personally studying and testing this music in his meditation practice. These techniques, and the healing instruments, have been used by various cultures for thousands of years.

This is NOT some random, royalty-free music that we’ve picked up from some site, sticking a nice title to it, so we can have more views, then uploaded it to YouTube claiming that it will change your life. This is professionally recorded music carefully designed to produce results.

The truth about healing Frequencies. What no one is telling you about the meditation music you are listening to. learn more @

Be cautious with what you listen to

REAL 528HZ Frequency

It’s no secret that there are people who will exploit others for their gain or to make money. We see it happening all the time, whether in the form of scams, bogus claims, or false advertising. Sadly, the world of meditation and frequency-based therapies is no exception.

Meditation and frequency videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube as people look for ways to relax and improve their well-being. However, many exploit this trend and try to make a quick buck by producing poor-quality content.

And the ONLY reason someone may see any benefit from such content is their belief. They impose it on themselves. 528HZ is part of a set of frequencies called “Solfeggio.” They are a system of musical tuning based on mathematical ratios.

To reach the desired effect, you need to listen to music that CONTAINS the frequencies. You can not make 528HZ music. Such a thing does not exist. You can make music that CONTAINS the frequency.

To have any benefit whatsoever, you have to LISTEN TO THE FREQUENCY. It has to come out of your speakers or your headphones.

IT IS A VIBRATION. It has to reach your body in some way.

A clearly audible 528HZ Frequency

In this video, there is a 528HZ Frequency. We created the music as simple as possible, so you can understand and observe the Frequency. Even if you can’t understand it, it is going to have an impact on your energy. Simply because it is audible, your energy will perceive it.

This is REAL 528HZ music. Many people claim that they make “528HZ” or any other frequency music, but it is FALSE and MISLEADING.

528HZ is a frequency, NOT A TYPE OF MUSIC!!! Although it takes the form of music, it is a frequency optically disguised within a music track and transmits its healing attributes. We combine it with music so you can have a pleasant experience listening to it. There is NO SUCH THING AS 528HZ Music.

The VIBRATIONS of these frequencies have special healing effects that help us recover from sickness and relieve pain. They can also greatly impact the space in which they are played, your home, and your environment.

They cleanse negative energy in the field around you. This is now A PROVEN FACT.

Visualization is an extraordinary tool that can help us manifest our ideal lives and bring our deepest desires into reality.

Meditation,  is the art of training the mind to achieve a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness.

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